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What Is myStorey?

It's a collection of stores

Curated with the things
that make up our experiences

We believe that by sharing our treasures, we share our hearts. myStorey makes sharing easy by creating personal stores out of the treasures we own and experience. Now we'll be able to access and share the closets of our friends and idols straight from the source, making shopping more personal and valuable.

It's an album of visual stories

That celebrate our memorable moments

There's a story behind every image. When woven together, they illustrate our expansive life stories, one photo at a time. myStorey makes it possible to showcase a full montage of our lives through visual storytelling.

It's a photo technology

That brings our static images to life

Before myStorey, our pictures were static dead-ends. But by being able to infuse our photos with rich context and relevant content, myStorey creates interactive photos that others can use to connect with us. These photos become gateways that invite others to share, discover, and shop the experiences that are featured in our snapshots.

It's a community of people

Who like to share the cool things in our lives with each other

myStorey gives the most intimate glimpses into the lives of those we care about through the photos and stories they share. Ever wondered what kind of art your favorite celebrity buys? Or where your friend stayed on their honeymoon? Well, wonder no longer...

It's a comprehensive database

That maps how the things we love
fit amongst our social graph

For some reason, the places and things we experience everyday have been neglected from our digital identities. We share photos, status updates, and check-ins, but try searching for our favorite restaurants or our quirky friend's cool phone case and we'll certainly come up empty. With myStorey, we can easily see who, how, and why the people we love are using the things they love.

It's a social tool

That showcases our interests and expertise with our personal marks

Through our activity on the site, myStorey calculates our levels of interest amongst 13 categories and distributes them visually within the inner circle. Any extension beyond the inner ring showcases how influential we are within each category. Each mark, like each of us, is different and myStorey celebrates our uniqueness. Through our Mark, we can express our individuality, connect with new people, discover fascinating places and products, and show the world our expertise.